3D Printing


Quality Assured has recently branched out into the 3D printing industry with the launch of it’s new sister company QA3D. QA3D can provide industrial grade plastic 3D printing services through its newly acquired professional rapid prototyping 3D printer the Stratasys F170. Along with this great printing service, QA3D are also able to offer 3D drafting and design services to assist all your 3D printing needs.


Printing Method:

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Maximum Build Size:

254 x 254 x 254 mm

Model Materials:

PLA*, ABS-M30™, ASA, QSR support material

Layer Thickness:

PLA (0.254mm), ABS & ASA (0.330mm-0.127mm)

Potential Applications:

Presentation Models, Prototype Development, Rare Car Spares, Casting and Injection Molds


You think it, we can print it!

QA3D want to become your one stop shop for all of your 3D printing desires. Whether you want to print complex industrial/commercial use parts, replacement parts for something broken or simple want to print some cool 3D objects you designed or found online, QA3D can help make it happen.

If you are interested in our services, simply send us your 3D drawing file* or contact us to find out if we can design your 3D printable parts for you.

*QAE3D’s printer utilises GrabCAD Print™ software. For a full list of supported file formats, please follow this link.

Don’t see what you want? If you have any 3D printing needs we can’t meet with our machine or materials, don’t worry because we can still help. QA3D are able to provide for all of your additive manufacturing needs through our network of manufacturing partners.

Examples and Inspiration

Coming Soon

QA3D are excited to be one of the first on the waiting list for the highly anticipated Desktop Metal Studio System for metal 3D printing. This cutting edge technology utilises Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) to 3D print metal parts with little to no need for post processing. The Desktop Metal Studio System comprises of a 3D metal printer, a debinder and a furnace all of which are design and engineered to operate perfectly safe in an office environment. This system will allow QA3D to offer cost effective rapid 3D metal printing services for countless applications.

For more information on this exciting new technology coming to us soon, please follow this link.

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