Corrosion Protection

Quality Assured has recently partnered with A&E Systems Australia which are a global leader in developing corrosion protective coatings.

Through this partnership Quality Assured have become applicators of the game changing products by A&E Systems called Alocit and Enviropeel.


Alocit is a high build, zero VOC coatings with outstanding adhesive and protective qualities even when used in the splash zone or sub-sea. Its long life and ability to succeed in difficult circumstances has made it the coating of choice for protecting challenging substrates such as sweating pipes on refineries in the tropics and dripping wet bridges in northern hemisphere winters.


The Enviropeel System was conceived and developed by engineers in the UK and is the first system of its kind in the world. Its innovative approach allows active corrosion protection to be applied on site and to objects of any shape or size. Built-in corrosion-inhibitors, a tough, impermeable barrier coating and ease of application open up new possibilities for protection in many industries, especially where galvanic and crevice corrosion affect bolted systems, such as flanges and valves.


For more information on Enviropeel or Alocit please visit:


Also take a look at our Enviropeel demonstration video below.

Enviropeel Demonstration

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